Install apptainer in the Ubuntu Linux

To install BARAM- apptainer container, install Apptainer first.

  • Install Apptainer in Ubuntu Linux 20.04 above. Below 18.04, you should install apptainer by yourself according to the instruction in

      $ sudo apt update
      $ sudo apt install -y software-properties-common
      $ sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:apptainer/ppa
      $ sudo apt update
      $ sudo apt install -y apptainer
  • Install Apptainer in CentOS Linux

      $ sudo yum install -y epel-release
      $ sudo yum install -y apptainer

Install BARAM-24 Apptainer container

Download and BARAM24.1.2.tar in the same directory and assign the excute permission to


$ chmod +x

Execute the and input the installation path. You should have the write permission for the installation path.

$ ./
Enter the installation path: ~/nextfoam/BARAM-24

If the installation is successful, apptainer container and icon images are located.

$ ls ~/nextfoam/BARAM24
baram24.1.2-ubuntu22.04.sif  baramFlow.png  baramMesh.png baramShell.png

And in the Desktop, baramMesh and baramFlow shourts are added.

You can run baramMesh and baramFlow by clicking the shortcut.

In the shell, you can run the application using apptainer exec command

$ apptainer exec ~/nextfoam/BARAM-24/baram24.1.2-ubuntu22.04.sif /opt/baram/