BARAM supports international languages though only English and Some Korean translations are available for now.

Language can be set in Settings/Language menu.


How to make translation

Contribution for the translations is welcomed.

Updating translation file

In the top directory of BARAM, type following command.

(venv) [(...)]$ pyside6-lupdate -extensions py,ui baramFlow baramMesh -ts resources/locale/baram_<lang>.ts

lang is a two-letter language code from ISO 639-1, and the list of codes can be found on Wikipedia

Then run QT Linguist.

(venv) [(...)]$ pyside6-linguist resources/locale/baram_<lang>.ts

QT linguist

For each text, follow the sequence.

  1. Select a context in Context pane
  2. Select a string in *Stringsā€ pane
  3. Type a translation into Translation to <lang> in Source text pane
  4. Finally, make the item as Done by clicking the check mark button on the tool bar.

After finishing translation, save the work with File/Save menu and Exit.

A .qm file that is used by BARAM can be generated by following command.

(venv) [(...)]$ python

Finally, if your language is not in the menu list, you can add it to the file, view/main_window/menu/

Language List in Menu

Language List in Code

Once the translation file(.ts) or menu file( is completed, the change can be sent to me to merge it into main branch. Please refer to the Doc from GitHub. However, if you feel uncomfortable in creating pull request, you can just post them on GitHub Issues. I will check and do the rest of the job.